Sunday, May 17, 2009

dang it! i'm so bad at posting!
it's been weeks!..but hiya!

side note- i realized lately that i use exclamation points, alll the time. after practically every tweet or text there is an exclamation point and a smiley face.. i guess that's how i add my emphasis or i'm just apparently always over-excited, who knew?

but enough with my little extra, i actually have stuff to say!

lots of things have been going on including weeks where there is a birthday every day, as well as celebrating moms and their fantastic mother-lives, my sketchy beach hotel experience with Amad, raising more money and collecting tons more shoes for Afife and i have even seen 2 movies since and went to ikea since we last spoke. great news, i know! but enough with filling you in, i got stuff to say!

i have recently, as in thursday, discovered more of who i am. remember how i did that whole personality test thing and was complaining because i didn't really think it described me, bla bla bla, welll, i found out, i read the wrong personality description! and thursday i found mine, and i'm still amazed, seriously it's me on paper. anyway, i have decided or i guess it kinda just happened, that i want to embrace the good aspects of what the paper said. i mean, good moods they're so infectious and they make you feel good. so that's the new wave i'm ridin. it's real nice. i feel refreshed!

oh yeah! i almost forgot
i have also re-discovered jimmy eat world

yep, i'm swept off my feet all over again

ps-Image and video hosting by TinyPic
i implore you to try one of these tastey slices of heaven, they're my currently at the top of my chart.. and for all you weight watchers, they're reduced fat! baha

pss- one of the movies i saw was star trek, and i know it sounds really lame, but i loved it, and am itchin to see it again..

side note- has anyone noticed how good movie trailers are getting?! i want to see practically everything coming out in the near future.. which isn't a-ok, because now, since my brother got the ax, i have to actually pay to go to the movies.. and 9.50 to see a movie, ouch!

psss- i FINALLY made mini key lime pies with hannah & michelle!

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