Friday, June 19, 2009

36 days

what's the best ending to the longest week ever? oh yeah, longest weekend ever!

as if this week wasn't already long enough with adventure island, rachael's birthday!, movie nights at jason's, church, a field trip to the park, camp planning, and yard sale preparation.. this weekend includes: sleepover tonight at garland & christina's to get ready for the yard sale, then yard sale tomorrow, then sunday is packed with father's day, church, hope ministries, and joel's goodbye for 3 month show/cd release, oh and monday my normal day to relax, will instead be spent at a puppet show..
i guess i just need to get a better attitude..
but i'm not gonna lie, i'm burnt out and exhausted and miss having a summer or at least a break!

plus let's not forget in 36 days my world is going to flip. everything is going to change. everything is going to be different. and my best friend and i will break up. it's pretty overwhelming.

whelp, i need this-
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