Saturday, June 6, 2009


as of yesterday afternoon i entered the smart phone world
and became the proud owner of a blackberry pearl
and yes, i'm in love with it.. a little bit

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oh and- i still want to go, anywhere, and everywhere.

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(thanks michelle for helping me re-discover my love/appreciation for a good photo)

ps- get ready! i'm going to write a blog about my top 20 favorite songs, ever. no specific genre, artist, time period. anything goes, whether or not i can narrow them down is the true task. i want to find those 20 songs that i still get excited to hear, the songs that i annoyingly listened to over and over again because they were just that good, the songs that shaped my taste, and ultimately the songs that actually mean something to me in some way or another. oh and i might have you know, the choices probably won't flow, that's just not my thang.. at least, most of the time anyways.

1 comment:

Courtney Janee' said...

i had that phone for a year or so.
isn't it wonderful :).